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03-06-2010 - PixyJunket Show - Kaycee's Photography

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March 7th, 2010

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05:23 am - 03-06-2010 - PixyJunket Show

Retro'd image thanks to an action made by night_fate@DevArt

This is the first of two sets from tonight. The second is still pending as there are a *lot* that I took tonight.

PixyJunket- you can find him on Facebook and Twitter- is new to the chiptune music scene. He did his first live show tonight at Fat Daddy's, playing on two old Game Boys. It was a great mixture of rock, techno, and some potentially industrial, as he called it.

I apologize for the noise level in some of these photos. I forgot how much cranking up to 1600 ISO does with it sometimes. D:

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