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Sadness + Storms - Kaycee's Photography

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July 19th, 2010

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05:19 am - Sadness + Storms
I've not posted in awhile, this is because I've not had time to do any sort of real photography outdoors, due to a combination of school and work.

As such, I've dug out something from my archives while I'm posting to say I'm still alive.

Anyway. Have I mentioned that Texas storms are the best? Because I think they are. :D

That was my second (the first was done with a point-and-click, even) shot of lightning ever. I should make the attempt for a better one someday. However, the thunder was so loud and so quickly behind it, that I realized that standing in a field with a camera on a metal tripod was a very bad idea. The whole kit just went into the car without dismantling and I took off without a second thought.

While I'm posting photos, though... I feel that it is necessary to post a photo my dad took using my camera.

Yay. :D (Yes, it is still watermarked for my site. You better believe I'm protecting my graduation photos!)

I hope to be back into my groove again soon. o/`

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